Does makeup really expire?  When should you throw out your makeup?  Could this be the cause of your breakout?    

1.  Check The Expiration Date on Your Products


Most products have an expiration date icon on them to let you know what time frame from the date of opening to throw them out!  Following this guidline will help you minimize skin irritations and breakouts by letting you know when it's time to replace your products!


2.  Give Your Products A Bath

Wipe your products down with makeup remover wipes.  You can even add a little antibacterial soap onto the wipe to help get rid of bacterial and germs!

3.  Shampoo Your Brushes

Cleansing your makeup brushes with brush cleanser after every use is highly recommended.  However, you should shampoo your brushes with a delicate shampoo, like baby shampoo, once a week to keep them extra clean and minimize bacteria.