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​A Line Designed With You In Mind.



As founder of Free Reign Beauty Cosmetics, a premier cosmetics and beauty service line, founder Ketta Vaughn is committed to creating iconic beauty.  After years of the priceless grind on the retail floor working for one of the most popular beauty brands, doing makeup for events, bridal parties, editorial, film, television, and video projects, Ketta decided it was time to launch her own beauty brand.  In addition to a strong retail background and understanding, Ketta Vaughn's experience breeds creative collaborations and provides the foundation for her phenomenal line of cosmetics.  With repeat client visits, the satisfaction and respect of her professional opinion and expertise, alongside great admiration of her makeup technique and style, Ketta Vaughn realized she could develop a beauty brand for global cosmetic lovers that reflected what her clients and colleagues love and admire about her makeup artistry.


Free Reign Beauty is a line designed with you in mind, developed and tailored from the perspective of a seasoned makeup artist.  Therefore the line embodies everything you need for an everyday, casual look to the intense color range and supplies entertainers and makeup artists need.  Always working with a very diverse clientele, Ketta always enters each beauty commitment with a fresh, open-minded approach to enhance creative flow and achieve the target look.  She is a fashion forward, innovative, multi-faceted artist that has acquired a reputation as flawless as her make-up application.

From a casual everyday look, to a  9-5 look, to Red Carpets, to girls night out, to a hot date, to bridal suites, to backstage fashion show mania, to photo shoots, or to be simply glam for any event, Free Reign Beauty provides a color range to create any look.  Free Reign Beauty is a lifestyle beauty brand, dedicated to empowering and inspiring through creating iconic beauty.  Have an experience that will perfectly transform your look and attitude.  Free Reign Beauty continuously explores and implements current beauty industry and lifestyle trends to compliment your personal style and/or the projects' visual requirements.  Escape into a fantasy playground of shades to be explored! 

Free Reign Beauty products are never tested on animals. 


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